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Kelsey Profile Pic Kelsey Hover Pic

Kelsey Lee

Founding President of the Board

Kelsey’s mantra is to change a life. In 2010, Kelsey taught herself how to hoop using a laptop and YouTube. Combined with her musical background as a classic pianist, movement arts served as a catalyst for many present day artistic projects; she fire dances in productions like The Ghostly Circus while organizes and promotes festivals like Return To Roots Gathering and Fahrenheit Flow Arts. Kelsey enjoys connecting individuals with commons goals. She practices this daily as an advertising professional and data consultant at RentPath, designing and scheduling marketing campaigns that help businesses grow. She finds serenity from her fast paced city life where she grew up, an old farm house and acres full of adventure.

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Becca Johnson

Executive Director

Becca is the Executive Director of SpinCo and has been involved since 2013. She initially started working towards making the organization stable in its financial activities and now is heavily involved in engaging people in the movement arts community and other like-minded people in working with SpinCo, either as instructors, partners, or team members. She is passionate about bringing artists and spectators together, no matter what prior experience they may have. During the day, Becca is a researcher and arts advocate, providing the arts sector with data to strengthen the national case for the arts in education and in government policy. Becca's first love was for the hula hoop and now she can be seen in the air as she has been practicing aerial arts since 2016.

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Hannah Bio Hannah Alt

Hannah Pinkos

Director of Operations

As director of operations, Hannah is responsible for making sure nothing falls through the cracks when planning SpinCo events and workshops.  Hannah has been practicing fire and flow arts since 2012 after a friend invited her to attend the Wildfire Retreat.  However, she also was a also member of the colorguard in high school, so prop manipulation was something with which she was already familiar.  She started with staff spinning, but began hooping in 2014 and that is now her prop of choice.  By day, Hannah is a software developer and works on a team that makes an interactive 3D globe that runs in a web browser.  She has a Bachelor in Computer Science from Drexel University and a Master in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.  After work, Hannah enjoys performing and teaching hoop dance workshops around the Philadelphia area.

Jo Jo Ryn2

Jo Ryn

Director of Volunteer Coordination

Jo Ryn is the main liaison between our Street Team and the rest of the SpinCo board of directors. She coordinates the Street Team to be engaged ambassadors of all things movement-arts related. Jo is an experimental juggler, apprentice aerialist, hooper, fire performer, astrologer, tarot reader, and practicing massage therapist for 7 years. She understands the connectivity of body and mind through movement and thoroughly enjoys “untangling the knots that people manage to make in their muscles.” Jo has her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Arcadia University. She has performed at many local events including Mt. Holly’s 4th of July Fireworks, Burning Leaves, and Bangarang. Jo is an avid humanitarian and master networker, building relationships through participation in many associations like Dance Strong Dance Academy.

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Reese Crawley


Follow Reese on Instagram @treblemakur

Maurice (Reese) Crawley, also known as "Stoop Kid," has been practicing flow arts since January 2014. The passion and freedom found in the arts has taken him through many different forms of self-expression, but his love is for performance and giving back to the community. From volunteering at the American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) in Portland, Maine, to video shoots in Birmingham, AL, to fire performances in San Francisco, CA; every endeavor receives all of his time and dedication. Reese looks forward to bringing that same energy to SpinCo and a community near you.

Stef Bio Stefani Flow Photo

Stefi Spins


Stefi has been hooping for 5 years and has shared her love for hooping by teaching classes, hosting online challenges, performing, and teaching at Philly events. Double hoops have become her passion and she has enjoyed exploring the world of technical double hooping. Stefi believes that learning & teaching are one in the same and that skill sharing is vital for our growth as flow artists. She has developed her own series of easy-to-follow hoop tutorials which she shares on her Instagram and YouTube pages.

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Jessica Jessica2

Jessica Borden


Faerie extraordinaire and multi-medium artist from New Jersey, Jessica Borden works, creates, and expresses herself with her hands. Picking up double staff in 2009, she’s been twirling ever since, from the conclave of Burning Man regional festival Firefly to the runway of Diabolique to the stage of the TLA! Along the way, she learned fire breathing and has dabbled in palm torches, flow wand, and hooping. A dog groomer by trade, she’s also an exhibiting painter, sculptor, photographer, and ceramicist with a passion for written expression and her dog, Dane. She’s excited and eager to explore how she can contribute to and interact with the flow community at large!

Jennifer0 Jennifer1

Jennifer Riker


Positive energy and passion are two of Jennifer’s defining characteristics. She loves seeing people’s eyes light up with wonder and excitement as they witness the amazingly diverse people, props, and skills on display in the flow arts. Relatively new to flow arts herself, and with the desire to share her enthusiasm with the community while continuing to improve her art, she is delighted to have found SpinCo. Jennifer has co-presented Introduction to Poi workshops and finds joy in talking to and giving impromptu lessons to anyone and everyone who approaches her when she has her poi in-hand.

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Ken Perna


Ken’s world changed the first time he saw fire poi over a decade ago. He immediately thought, “I have to learn that!” Since then, he’s been learning, spinning, and giving back to the community by leading Beginner Poi workshops and other fire manipulation classes at events in the Mid-Atlantic region. He’s found a way to blend his passion for fire with another of his artistic expressions, photography, and creates beautifully unique fire portraits with a technique he calls fire painting. In addition to poi, Ken has begun dabbling with rope dart and levi-wand. He is excited about working with the SpinCo Street Team to help expand the flow arts movements in this area.

Joanna1 Joanna2

Joanna Remmele


Since being introduced to the flow arts in 2013, Joanna enjoys expressing herself through poi and has an interest in adding staff and baton skills to her repertoire. Although she still considers herself a beginner, she has a passion for sharing her love of the flow arts and giving back to the community. In addition to co-presenting Beginner Poi workshops at various Mid-Atlantic area events, Joanna also teaches a “How to Make Your Own Sock Poi” DIY class to help ensure accessibility to all. In joining the SpinCo Street Team she is excited to explore opportunities to contribute to the greater Philadelphia community while continuing to grow within the flow arts!

Ellen 1 Ellen 2

Ellen Ethereal


Ellen has been hooping since 2016 and it has changed her life for the better in so many ways. She just recently started performing and teaching hoop workshops and absolutely loves it! She wants to introduce the joy of flow arts to as many people as possible. She is passionate about all types of movement medicine and is a certified yoga teacher. Spirituality is also a big part of her life; talk to her about astrology, tarot, crystals and all things metaphysical. She is so excited to be working with SpinCo to help spread the flow arts movement!

Kira Kira Alt

Kira Morrow


Kira ( @altkm ) has been a dabbler in flow arts for decades picking up various props, and never committing to any. Then around 2012 she started unicycling and that took, and then she started yoyo’ing in 2015 which became her main flow art. You can catch her competing at yoyo contests, and sharing/teaching yoyo tricks at flow/movement arts events. Even with yoyo’ing as her main flow art, expect to see her continue to dabble in multiple mediums. As she can be often found taking movements traditional in one flow art and transferring them to other flow art mediums.

Photo Credit : @yoyomomphotos

Dawn1 Dawn2

Dawn McMusicality


Dawn is a multi-prop spinner with a background in East Coast and West Coast Swing, The Hustle, and the American Country Dance Association. She has even taught beginner and intermediate lessons on the County 2 Step. She has a strong passion for Russian and American Tech fans, double staffs, Ropedart and Poi. She was elated to be mentored by Yana Almavoza, a popular Russian fan spinner. Dawn enjoys volunteering for SpinCo and would love to teach props and pass down the knowledge she has gained from others. When not spinning she enjoys camping and leading groups of friends kayaking and hiking adventures all over the tri-state area.

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