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SpinCo was founded on the idea of making movement arts accessible to everyone, and we need your help! We're looking for instructors to share their skills and passion for flow arts with students in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

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This form gives us details about you and the workshop you want to teach so we can start planning to make it successful. Expect to hear back from us within a few days.

New instructors welcome

Whether you've been teaching for years or this is your first workshop, we're here to help with every step along the way.

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Expected Attendance

Class capacity is between 12 and 15 students, and SpinCo sees an average of 7 students per workshop. For more information on how to gauge workshop attendance, please read the article How to forecast student numbers for your upcoming workshop.

We handle the logistics

We're here to help!

We handle all of he behind the scenes work so you can focus on planning your workshop content. This includes:

  • Finding a venue
  • Setting up and facilitating ticketing
  • Generating advertising and marketing material
  • Sharing your workshop with thousands of students

Instructor Accommodations

Accommodations can include housing during your visit, travelto the venue, parking, snacks, class materials, printed handouts, photo/video, student feedback, recap video production and distribution, and a professionally produced highlight reel.

During the workshop

Day of logistics

Once we get to the venue, we'll handle student check in and have them sign waivers. We'll also take photos and videos during the workshop that you can use for future promotion.

Instructor Assistance

If there's anything else you need during your workshop, our volunteers will take care of it. This could include running music, bringing extra loaner props for students, or assistant teaching for a larger class.

After the Workshop

Recap and feedback

We'll film a recap video after your workshop and send it to all students who purchased tickets. We'll also set up a feedback form for students to share thoughts about your workshop and give constructive feedback. You'll get the contact info for all the students so you can connect with them in the future.


You'll receive the revenue from ticket sales within a week of the workshop. You receive gross ticket sales less the venue rental cost and a small administrative fee for SpinCo. Venue rental is typically $20/hr, and SpinCo kindly requests 18% from gross profits to help us pay upkeep fees for our website and ticketing, purchase loaner props for students, and to help fund our programming. This fee averages $35 and will not exceed $120.

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